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Introduction to FL and IF diamonds:

Internally Flawless (IF) and Flawless (FL) top the list of the diamond clarity chart. It represents less than 1 percent of the world’s diamonds. It is impossible for any person to see the inclusions in these diamonds with the naked eye and these diamonds are incredibly rare and expensive. As, IF and FL diamonds might have a 30% to 50% premium as compared to the diamond of VVS 1 clarity.

People just asked for the diamond labels like it VVS or FL diamonds as they think these diamonds are the best diamonds to buy. The truth is far away from this, as a diamond with lower clarity grades which appears to be eye-clean diamonds like SI1 or I1 is the real value in terms of money and looking. These diamonds will cost thousands of dollars less than the higher-clarity diamonds.

What is an FL diamond?

Flawless diamonds are diamonds with no inclusions or imperfections even when seen under 10x magnification. It tops the list of diamond clarity grades and is the rarest diamond of all. As the formation of diamonds goes under very extreme conditions so a little imperfection can be seen in the flawless diamonds but can only be seen under magnification with 100x.

FL Clarity Diamond

What is an IF diamond?

Internally flawless diamonds are diamonds with no inclusions or imperfections even when seen under the 10x magnifications. Internally flawless diamonds fall right under the flawless diamonds in the clarity chart. Even these are extremely rare, just like flawless diamonds. It can be seen under magnification with 60x or 100x.

IF clarity diamond

FL vs IF Diamonds – Difference?

As we all know FL and IF diamonds are close to each other in the clarity chart and with the help of magnification there are some imperfections that can be noticeable. The most significant difference can be the mark on the surface, with some extra facets or with some polish mark issues. Also, without the help of magnification tools, no one can tell the difference between the diamonds, not even the professional.


FL & IF Diamonds Prices?

As these diamonds are considered to be one of the rarest so of which premium pricing will definitely be charged. It can be notified when we compare these diamonds with VVS 1 or VVS2 diamonds then we can understand the pricing. As, the carat weight increase, the rarity increases too and even the price of course increases.

How much is a 1-carat IF diamond?

Because of its rare nature, the cost of an excellent cut 1 carat round cut with an F-G color ranges from Rs. 6,80,000 – Rs. 9,00,000. The larger the carat weight, the higher will be the prices.

Are IF & FL diamonds worth it?

The best-guaranteed way of getting a beautiful stone is with the help of clarity grading certification but it can be paying extra for an unnoticeable diamond, as no one will able to recognize these grading stones with their naked ked eyes. So, it’s better to go for eye-clean diamonds like VS2, SI1, or SI2, they will cost a lot lesser than the FL and IF diamonds and provide a luster similar to FL and IF diamonds.

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