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Why it is important to care for jewelry?

We all love every kind of jewelry, even if its of diamond or gold or platinum jewelry, etc. And we are spending our earned money on these but the real question comes do we need to take care of our jewelry? Yes, by all means, we need to take proper care of jewelry, which helps the jewelry to shine and sparkle for a longer period of time. This is very much important to even the highest quality of Jewelry we purchase.

care for jewelry

If we own a collection with more diamonds or is the simple small piece of jewelry and knowing how to care for your most precious treasures which is very much important and will definitely increase its life expectancy. The basics start from the proper storage of jewelry to a gentle cleaning that will protect your jewelry from the dust or rust. This also increases the value of your jewelry for a longer period of time.

Some tips on how you can take proper care of the jewelry.


1. Remove Your Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the treasures which we have earned from our hardcore money and is also a delicate part we purchase, no matter its silver, gold, or diamonds. So, I’m here to remind you to slow down a bit and take some extra care with your special jewels. Take off your jewelry before any of the following activities:

1. Watch out for the beauty products

2. Playing any kind of sports activities, Gym, Spa.

3. Cleaning your home.

4. Swimming in a pool or in chlorine-treated water.

5. Jewelry should be taking off when you go to bed.


2. Put Your Jewelry on Last

It is very much important to understand when to wear your jewelry. Like when we are dressing in the morning or getting ready for some night fun or a party, we try to wear the jewelry first. However, it’s better to wear it when you’re ready to step out of the door. Why?
Because the chemicals from perfumes, beauty, and hair products can damage your jewelry, make the jewelry rust.


3. Avoid Putting on Lotion When Wearing Jewelry

Lotion seems like a harmless product since it helps to restore moisture in your skin, but lotion can damage the finish on custom jewelry pieces and make their shine a bit dull.


4. Store Each Jewelry Piece Individually

The reason for storing your pieces individually makes it easier to avoid situations like pieces that can knock each down and cause a diamond to fall out and chains can become tangled.

5. Jewelry case important part too

Many people understand to carry the jewelry case with them while traveling, which is definitely the best choice to protect your treasure or collections from any damage or from the breakage of any part of the jewelry.


6. Some ways you can clean your jewelry by yourself at home: 

1. With the help of Baking soda, Hot water, and aluminum foil:

When the jewelry gets the rusting, you can soak your jewelry in a mixture of baking soda and hot water with an aluminum foil-lined bowl which will make the rust on the jewelry go away. The rust from the silver will transfer to the water and later, the water will get all the dust particles. When this method used, there will no use of scrubbing the jewelry, just a gentle soft cloth to wipe away the jewelry and extra rust.  


2. Using of Soap and Water

The solution mixture of soap and water is an easy way to clean gold and platinum jewelry. You can Start scrubbing with a soft toothbrush or scrub with a cloth to remove any dirt on the gold and platinum. Then, we just have to remove and let them dry before storing them inside any bag. 

3. Using of Dish soap, Baking soda, Salt and Water

This is just a similar method as we have seen with the soda and water but in this only by adding some salt and dish soap in the water as they are having a strong cleaning power. The suggestion here is to use the soft cloth to be on the safe side. This type of method is generally used for diamond and platinum which means only on harder stones and metals but one should avoid it using for silver and gold.


Many jewelry stores these days offer free check-up or professional cleaning. Jewelry should be checked every six-eight months and cleaned every month. Look for a jeweler with professional training and a good reputation in the market even ask your friends or relatives for recommendations for the places which can be a good place to start with.

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