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Princess cut diamond

Princess cut diamond

Princess cut diamond shape? The princess cut diamond has gained the royalty symbol itself over these years. The Princess cut diamond which comes in square or in rectangle shapes. As many people know about the princess shape diamond as this comes under the category of one of the most famous diamond shapes in the world. […]

Cushion Cut Diamond – A Complete detail

Cushion Cut Diamond: Vintage with a Modern Touch The cushion cut diamonds were once called the old Mine cut diamonds and now with the combination of modern and brilliant-cut, it is one of the famous cuts of diamond. The cushion cut diamond has round corners with larger facets. It’s much like a Pillow shape. The […]

Different diamond shapes: The ultimate guide

fancy Shapes of diamonds

What are the different diamond shapes called? Any shape of a gemstone apart from the round shape is termed as the fancy diamond shapes. Example Princess shape, Emerald shape, Pear shape, etc. There are many different shape options in diamonds and each option has its own kinds of features.   Different Diamond Shapes  1. Round shape […]