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Better Understanding of Diamond Terms

Diamonds were formed over 3 billion years ago when the carbon crystalized converted into a diamond. Diamond is one of the hardest elements on the Mohs scale of hardness but every diamond has its own structure and features. Each part of the diamond has given a specific name for better understanding. The diamond anatomy will make you understand more clearly about diamonds which will help you to find your perfect diamond.

What is diamond Anatomy?

The diamond anatomy is the words or the meaning of the terms referring to the properties of a diamond. The diamond anatomy has one purpose to serve as it provides the understanding of diamonds at different aspects which is very much important. These basic understandings will have a direct impact on the proportions and brilliance of the diamond. It might help you in taking quick and better decision making while purchasing diamonds.

A diamond is comprised of many components like Table, Crown, Facets, Girdle, Pavilion, Depth, and Culet. The structure between the table and depth percentages will have the greatest impact on the diamond’s sparkle.

Let us understand diamond anatomy in simple and easy terms.
diamond anatomy

Diamond Anatomy

Upper part:

Facet: The Facets are the surfaces of a diamond that are polished. These reflect the light within the diamond and give off the spectrum of gorgeous colors like a shade of the rainbow.

Table: The facet that is found on the top of the diamond is called the table. This is the biggest polished facet in octagon-shaped located on the top of the diamond. The table is the most visible facet of the diamond.

Crown: The upper part of the faceted polished diamond from the girdle to the table.

Upper girdle facets: These facets are extended from the girdle edge and go up to the table that is at the center. Also known as Upper halves.

Star facet: These are the triangular-shaped facets which are extended from the table down towards the girdle (boundary).

Bezel facets: These are the kite-shaped facets that are between the table and the girdle.

Girdle: The boundary between the crown and the pavilion of a faceted diamond with a narrow edge is called Girdle.  

diamond anatomy


Lower Part:

Pavilion: The Lower part of the polished diamond, from the girdle to the culet is called as pavilion.

Lower girdle facets: These are the facets that are extended from the girdle edge and go down towards the tip of the diamond that is the culet. Also known as the Lower halves.  

Pavilion main facets: These are the arrow-shaped facets that are between the girdle (the boundary) and the culet (the tip). Also known as arrow facet. 

Culet: The small facet pointed part of the bottom of a diamond where the pavilion main facets meet. In short, It’s the pointed tip of the diamond.




This basic knowledge of terms used in diamonds will however make you understand more clearly the facts, the issues, and the varieties related to the diamonds. Having some knowledge of diamond terms will help you in making a well-thought decision while making a purchase.




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