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The Perfect Wedding Gift

On the occasion of Wedding or Wedding anniversary, the gift that you choose should also be the one in a million and which takes your love partner with surprise. The gift should be very special and precious – A diamond ring is one of the perfect wedding gifts. A diamond that symbolizes your love forever. There are many varieties of diamond ring settings available in the market.

Engagement ring

Selecting which the ring setting will be perfect for your love partner is very much important. This post is regarding the settings of the rings which are available in the market.

Different types of Ring Settings

While choosing the ring settings, there are many points to be taken care of. Like from selecting the style, ring size, which type of metal i.e. silver, gold, platinum, etc. to be taken, type of settings, and lastly the budget.

Chose the design and setting which fits your partner’s lifestyle and personality the most. Like for example, if she is a work person, you must select the ring which makes her comfortable wearing it while working.

Selection of a Ring Settings

Prong Settings or Solitaire Ring Settings


The middle diamond with a single center distraction is showcased with the timeless design is the classic Solitaire setting. One centered diamond which makes it one of the foremost popular settings for any engagement ring. This is the kind of setting where one single diamond or 2 small diamond alongside with one single big diamond are taken. There are not many varieties of designs in the solitaire setting rings available.


Bezel Ring Settings

bezel setting


The bezel setting is the second most well-liked setting, thanks to its modern look and suitability for an energetic lifestyle. In this design, the diamond encircles with a thin metal rim which holds the stone tightly. In this setting, the diamond is secure between the thin metals, which makes it one of the durable settings.


Tension Ring Settings


Tension setting


This type of setting of the ring is the tension of the metal which must maintain the diamond in the center of the ring. The diamond appears like the metals are holding it. In this setting, the ring is sold first and then they are manufactured. The disadvantage of this setting is that the ring cannot be resized easily like it is done in any other ring setting.

There is also a limitation on the stones which can be managed in this setting are diamond, moissanite, rubies, and sapphires. In any other setting, there can be more stones managed as the main stone. 


Channel Setting

channel setting

The channel setting is not complicated at all and is precise as the name suggests. This setting is considered to be unique and customizable as per requirements. There is the safety of a diamond as they are close together into the metal with the sparkling stones on sides and at the center.

The important thing about this setting is the customization and amount of creativity that comes with this design. This setting looks great with the yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. This channel setting is very popular for choosing as the wedding rings these days.


Pave Setting

pave setting


In the pave setting, the metal remains invisible as small gemstones and diamonds are packed closely together. This setting makes the small stones sparkle brilliantly and makes it look with a dazzling effect. This kind of setting has a larger number of diamonds and the setting has the quality of making the central diamond making it seem almost 30%-40% bigger than its actual size.

So, the advantage of this setting can be the design which looks attractive and the center diamond appears to be bigger than it is. The sparkle adds to the classic look while the price is comparatively less.


Halo Setting

halo setting


The halo engagement ring made its first appearance in the 1920s when the style known as Art Deco became prominent. In the design where the center diamond is with the covered diamonds on the top and the side in between the metal.

This ring setting is also liked by many people as their engagement ring. The Halo setting gives almost a classic look with a unique twist to it. The large carat diamond will look larger than its actual size. It also enhances overall shining due to the surrounding stones with it.


Cathedral Setting

Cathedral ring setting

Cathedral settings are the elegant styles of engagement rings. The arches above add up some extra height and make the diamond appear larger than its actual size and noticeable. Further, it comes in 2 varieties or types. One with the metal to hold the center stones and the other one is a floating style which gives the impression that the diamond is floating above the band. Many people also assume that cathedral setting is all high profile but that’s not necessarily true.

The diamonds shapes that are well supported in this setting are Round, Princess and Cushion cut.


Bar Setting

Bar ring setting


In this ring setting, the diamonds are held by the metal side, where the diamond is between the 2 long, vertical bars which are on the sides of the diamond. This design when the diamond is exposed to light, allows a large amount of light to interact with all the diamonds on the ring.

This setting is similar to the channel setting, the only difference is that in the channel setting, the diamonds are enclosed on the sides.

The diamond looks larger than they are in the bar setting. A bar setting is not as secure setting as channel or bezel setting.


Flush Setting

Flush Ring setting

The metal is drilled with a hole in it, and a diamond is set into it like a flush with the ring band around is known as Flush setting. This style has gained popularity because of its minimalist layout, creating a sleek and stylish look.

Further, this setting symbolizes modern, exclusive, and fashionable design. It’s a great option for a diamond ring. It will be great on both the male and female.

The disadvantage is that the diamond does not show that much sparkle as the diamonds are not visible properly. This makes the diamond look smaller than its actual size.


Eternity Setting

Eternity ring setting


Eternity bands symbolize the endless love even after death. This is one of the symbolic, and beautiful type of ring setting design. These rings are very popular not even as wedding rings but also for wedding anniversary and other special days.

Diamond eternity rings setting were originally created to symbolize the love and devotion between a married couple or either a mother and child. Eternity rings setting are either set with diamonds all the way around the band or the metal or with the diamonds halfway set across the visible side of the ring. Basically, there are four main eternity ring setting types – claw set, channel set, pave set, and cut down set.


Split Shank Setting

Shrink ring

In the split shank setting, the two slender shanks stemming from the center stone and the small diamonds on the side in between the metal bars. In simple terms, the metal is divided into two at the point of the center stone which gives it a unique and attention-grabbing appearance. It can be designed for either a modern or classic look but requires more cleaning from any other setting.


Infinity Setting 

Infinity ring setting


The infinity setting symbolizes never-ending love for the partners. This setting provides the feature which is unique and makes two interlinking bands “8 shapes pattern”.  In this setting, infinity symbols are formed which gives the ring an elegant appearance in addition to the diamond in the center. This setting comes in various styles and customized designs.


These were the settings that you can choose for yourself and for your partner by considering the comfort and all other factors. The foundation of your entire ring design is based on the ring setting.



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