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Princess cut diamond shape?

Princess cut diamond

The princess cut diamond has gained the royalty symbol itself over these years. The Princess cut diamond which comes in square or in rectangle shapes. As many people know about the princess shape diamond as this comes under the category of one of the most famous diamond shapes in the world. The princess cut shape diamond gives the idea of a classic look with the modern design. With the excellent sparkle and fire, the princess cut shape diamond is most popular for wedding or anniversary rings.

Origin of Princess cut diamond:

The Princess cut became popular with the help of the “Profile Cut” which was introduced by Arpad Nagy in 1961. This cut has been loved by women all over the world. The princess cut is believed to be the second most liked shape of all the shapes.

Feature of Princess shape:

further, the Princess shape was difficult to make because the cut consists of more symmetrical lines in it. After all the research, the square-cut was made with the 58 facets just like the one in a round cut diamond. The people loved this unique cut which showed all its sparkling and clear-cut look which was much like the round cut shape of diamonds.

4 Cs for princess cut diamond:

Princess cut diamond

First C: Cut grade

As we know the princess shape comes in a square cut and rectangle cut which is very difficult to defect. The more the cut is nearer to square, the more will be its pricing. Many people find the rectangular princess cut very fascinating and loves to buy them.

The down below is the table showing the Cut grade components like the table, Depth, etc.

 ExcellentVery goodGoodFairPoor
or 76-83
GirdleVery thin or Slightly thickSlightly thickerVery thin
Very thin
Very Thick
Extremely thin

Second C: Color

When it comes to the color of the princess shape diamond, there are sparkling colorless diamonds that come in the grading of D, E, F and there are near colorless that come in the grading of G, H, I.

Our suggestion:

When you have a tight budget and go for top-grade only because of its sparkle or brilliance then we think you should change and go for the near Colorless grading that is from G, H, I. The reason for this is very simple as the sparkle effect between the colorless and near-colorless can be some in many pieces. So, choosing a G-color princess shape diamond can save you a lot of money with the same sparkle and brilliance.

Third C: Clarity

Clarity grade: The princess shape diamond has a tricky shape which can confuse the buyer just by looking at the table of the diamond. The table might look clean, but the buyer should not miss the 4 sides or 4 corners of the diamonds. The buyer can ask for the inclusion report where they can clearly locate the inclusion part on the diamond.

Our suggestion:

The buyer if doesn’t have a professional knowledge of the princess cut diamonds, then they should ask for the Eye-clean diamond which can come under these VVS, VS, and SI grades and can be chosen according to the need and the budget.

Fourth C: Carat

Carat grade: The princess cut diamonds have more weight in the center or the downward belly, which makes them look smaller when compared to the round shape diamond. In simple terms, the 1-carat diamond piece of round shape will be seen as bigger than the 1-carat diamond of Princess shape.

Cheaper: Princess Vs Round

While taking the same carat for both the round and the princess cut, the princess cut diamond shape is much cheaper and more affordable than the round shape. As the diamond manufacturer uses 75-80% of the rough diamond to make the Princess cut while 50-60% is only used for the Round-cut diamond. So, this makes the princess cut diamond cost-effective.

Which setting can be best for the Princess shape diamond?

The best setting for the princess shape diamond can be the Prong Setting, 3-stone diamond setting, and the channel settings.

Smart Buying tips for the princess cut diamond:

The buyer should look for the total depth for the best sparkle and brilliance in the diamond which should be 67% and 71%. (as shown in the table). With the budget in hand, the buyer should try to find an Eye-clean diamond with a rectangular shape.

The Princess cut diamond is the modern style or design of the round shape diamond, and as it can be used as an engagement ring, as costs less and gives a modern and stylish look than the round shape diamond.

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