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Introduction to Heart and Arrow Diamonds:

The introduction of the heart and arrow diamonds first came in the 1980s by Japanese gemmologists and is appreciated worldwide now. In today’s world, more diamond cutters are aiming for Heart and Arrow cuts. For a perfect Heart and Arrow cut, it requires more skill, time, and technique. These are more costly than the normal diamond which we find in the market. This article is all about the benefits of Heart and Arrow diamonds.

What do the Heart and Arrow Diamond mean?

If you are buying any diamonds, you may come across some terms like Hearts and Arrows diamonds. The Hearts and arrows cut diamond in which a special proportion is made of traditional 57 facets which makes them the super-ideal cut. The proportion is crafted with some specific degrees of facet which shows a sharp pattern of eight arrows from the Crown view i.e., the top view of the diamond, and eight small hearts can be seen from the pavilion view i.e., the bottom view of the diamond (As shown in the below image). So, these arrangements create the Heart and Arrow cut diamonds.

Is there any instrument to see the patterns?

Yes, there is an instrument that can be used to see clearly the heart and arrow pattern is the Simple reflector tool i.e., the H&A scope. Also, if the diamonds are well-cut then without any tools, the arrow can be seen. It might be difficult when studded in the jewelry.

Not all the ideal cut diamonds show hearts and arrows in them. There will be some diamonds with the ideal cut but lack excellent symmetry and lack heart and arrows, but that doesn’t mean they don’t shine or are weak in beauty.

Are Heart and Arrow cut diamonds Costly?

The answer is Yes, the Heart and Arrows cost more than the Ideal cut diamonds.

Do the hearts and Arrows equal an Ideal cut?

The answer is NO. Many people get confused the heart and Arrows with the Ideal cut diamond. Not all ideal cuts qualify for the heart and arrow pattern. The reason is for the heart and arrow cut requires more time for polishing, more skill for the proper proportionate cut, and the technique for making the arrangement for the heart and arrow.

What Makes H&A Diamonds Special?

The type of cutting to a proper proportion makes it very special for the H&A diamonds. It leads to the maximum light passing through the facets and makes them shine more than any other diamonds.


A very small portion of diamonds are cut with Hearts & Arrows symmetry, and people do find it rare and unique to be worth the extra cost. It totally varies from person to person if they want to spend some extra bucks on this kind of diamond.

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