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Finding the best metal for jewelry 

When you want to buy any sort of metal for jewelry like for example you want to buy an Engagement ring, so there are many factors which you have to be considered.

  1. Which metal to be taken for jewelry? – Most complex decisions.

  2. Which design or style of rings to choose from? (To know more)

  3. What Clarity of diamond to be taken? (To know more

  4. Which are the different cuts diamonds to choose from? (To know more)

Metal for jewelry


There are many people who don’t have any idea about the best metals used for making jewelry and also have the difficulty in choosing them. However, this post is explaining about the different metals that can be used in making proper jewelry. There are many questions which people want to know like:

Is Platinum the same as White Gold?

Is Rose gold a Real Gold?

What is exactly Green Gold?

Can the White Gold be used instead of Yellow Gold?


This will guide you in choosing which metal suits your style and make you feel more comfortable when you chose any particular jewelry.


What are your requirements?

So, in addition to determining the nature of your style and finding the right metal to complement your style. The next thing is you should consider what are the different types of metals for the jewelry settings. However, there are many different choices or styles: 

  • If you want something in White, then Platinum and White Gold can be your choice to choose.

  • If you want some unique but classy than I guess you should try Rose gold.

  • You can also try mixing up like the White gold with the Rose gold to make the design looks smarter.



metal for jewelry


Platinum has a lustrous silvery-white color metal which is 5 times rarer than Gold. It has a very high density which is 8.5% more than gold. Currently, it is believed to be around 133 tons are mined in the world every year. The melting point for the Platinum metal is 1768 degrees Celsius.

It is known to be one of the world’s most precious and rare metals. Platinum is very popular in the Electronics, Chemical, and Jewelry industry. Africa is considered to be the world’s largest platinum producer.

The platinum in jewelry is famous for making engagement rings and wedding bands. Platinum is durable and least reactive metals. Platinum is one of the good choices for skin sensitive people.




Metal for jewelry



Gold is one of the most popular and common metal which is used in making jewelry. The Weight of the Gold is measured in ‘Kgs or Grams’ and its purity is measured in ‘Carats’. Gold is softened in its purest form that is in 24 Carat, so it is alloyed with some metals for making jewelry. Like for example if anyone is making any jewelry let’s say in 18 Carat than the Gold in it will be like 75% of gold and 25% of other alloyed metals.

The metals which can be added to the gold as the alloyed metals are like Copper, Silver, Nickel, and Zinc. Further, these metals are added to lend strength and the durability of the jewelry made with Gold.

The Gold Jewelry comes in these 4 colors:






Yellow gold:


Gold ring


The yellow gold has a reputation of classic but lovable color. It is in a mixture of pure gold with other metals like silver and copper while making the jewelry of 22k, 18k, etc. The higher the level of the carat like 24k; 18k; the higher will be its purity level. Like:


  • 24 Carat: 99.9% Pure form of Gold.

  • 22 Carat: 91.7% Pure form of Gold.

  • 18 Carat: 75% Pure form of Gold.

  • 14 Carat: 58.3% Pure form of Gold.

The maintenance is easy for yellow gold jewelry. It has the purest color form and is easily match with any color diamonds.


White Gold:


white gold


The White Gold has gained its popularity in some years now. It has a reputation for luxury and fashionable colors. White gold is generally the mixture of the purest form of gold and other metals like Silver, Nickel, and Palladium, which are white in color. The looking of white gold is similar to that of the Platinum but at a very affordable price.

These days, the white Gold has gain popularity in the making of the jewelry like the Engagement rings or wedding band. The Stronger metal is added with the Pure Gold which helps the jewelry Scratch Resistance. It has a reflective appearance with the Diamonds. It might require re-plating after some years.


Rose Gold:


Rose gold


The rose gold symbolizes the unique and Romantic color. The Rose gold has a pink shade which is by mixing the pure gold with the Copper alloy. It has a common mixture of 75% of Pure Gold and 25% of metal Copper.

The rose gold rings or jewelry will cost less than the yellow or white gold ring as the copper is cheaper than any other alloy. The rose gold can be combined with the White Gold which gives the design a spectacular look. The unique style works well on both men and women.


Green Gold:



Many people have never heard of the Green Gold. Green gold is known to be an unusual color of the gold. The Green color can be obtained by different combinations of the metals with the Pure gold. Like:

  • 75% of gold, 23% of copper, and 2% of cadmium which produces the light green color.

  • 75% of gold, 15% of silver, 6% of copper, and 4% of cadmium, which produces the dark green color.

It is said to be a difficult task for processing green gold and is believed to be dangerous for the people. The demand for it is very less and also has low popularity in people.




Now the understanding of the different metals that are popular for jewelry are been explained. So, you can select the choice of metals accordingly and go to the other steps now, that is selecting the style for your design and look for the diamonds by considering all the 4Cs of the diamond. This will help you choose the perfect jewelry for yourself and for your wife/husband which will turn your love life into a magical life.

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