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What are the CZ diamonds?

CZ diamonds are particularly known as Cubic Zirconia (CZ), the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). They are synthetic in nature which means they are created in laboratories and not created in nature. CZ diamond usually comes in the colorless form and a reputation as one of the alternatives to real or natural diamonds. 


CZ diamond


How are CZ diamonds made?

CZ diamonds are made in the laboratory by heating up the mixture of the melting Zirconium oxide (ZrO2) with different stabilizers like magnesium etc. After this, they are turning into the crystal form and then stabilized. The crystal forms are then cut and sent for polishing. Each manufacturing unit or laboratory has its own method for making Cubic Zirconia diamonds.


CZ diamond


What color and shapes does the CZ diamond comes in?

These type of diamonds comes in various colors and shapes. The colors like i.e. brown, yellow, etc. The shapes like Round Cut, Cushion Cut, Heart Cut, Oval Cut diamonds, etc. It can be fitted to any type of jewelry.


Can anyone tell the difference between the Cubic Zirconia diamond and the real diamond?

People with naked eyes cannot see the difference between Cubic Zirconia and Real diamonds. As the Cubic Zirconia looks way too same as the natural or real diamonds. People with the help of diamond tools and kits and some knowledge of the natural diamonds can tell the difference between the real and CZ diamonds if compared side by side.


How much the Cubic Zirconia cost?

When CZ Compared to the real diamonds, the price is extremely affordable i.e. $10-30 for 1 carat CZ diamond. The different manufacturers have different pricing as per their qualities and as per their process. The high-quality cubic zirconia diamonds can only be distinguished with the help of the diamond tools and kit.


Cubic Zirconia Vs Real Diamonds?

As we know this is one of the alternatives of the real diamonds but there are some methods or ways to distinguish between the two.

When it comes to:

  • MOHS Scale of Hardness: Diamond comes on 10 and Cubic zirconia on 8.
  • Density: CZ diamonds are 1.7 times denser than a real or natural diamond.
  • Cut: Real Diamonds have a different type of cut than the cubic zirconia.
  • Color: CZ diamonds come in colorless and different colors like green, brown, etc. whereas the most natural diamond comes in colorless, brown, and yellow and only the rarest of all have the different colors.

CZ diamond


Can Cubic Zirconia be used as an Engagement Rings?

When it comes to durability and scratches, the Cubic Zirconia diamonds are not the same as the real diamonds and other precious stones, but they are one of the good alternatives which can be used as an engagement ring or other jewelry. These diamonds can be replaced after some point of time which are affordable and inexpensive as compared to the real diamonds.


Does the Cubic Zirconia work with other jewelry too?

Yes, it can work with other jewelry as well. It can be set into the necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry that are not worn on regular basis.


How to clean Cubic Zirconia Jewelry?

The Cubic Zirconia jewelry should be clean with the less intense method as the hardness is less as compared to real diamonds. So, just with the help of washing detergent and a soft brush, which removes all the dirt from the jewelry. This helps in bringing back the shine and luster of the jewelry and CZ diamond.


Does Cubic Zirconia diamond the same as the Zircon stone?

Many people have the confusion that the zircon and CZ, are one and the same, but it is not the case.

  • While talking about the Zircon, which is one of the naturally occurring stones whereas CZ is man-made or lab-grown diamonds.

  • Zircon with a hardness rating of 6-6.5 whereas Cubic Zirconia with a rating of 8-8.5 on the Mohs scale.

  • Zircon can be treated for changing their colors, but CZ diamonds are lab-grown.

To know more about the Zircon, you can read here.


The Cubic Zirconia jewelry should be made only with the purpose of wearing it for a limited time i.e. necklaces, pendants, rings, etc. which can last longer than the one worn every day.

By wearing every day, the CZ diamond will get dull and scratches which have to get replaced by the new one within a year or two.


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