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Fashion Signature: Cocktail Rings

The rings which are very famous and loved by all the women are the cocktail rings. The cocktail rings are the symbol of the fashion signature pieces of jewelry. They come in various varieties and designs. These are mostly custom base design rings.



What are Cocktail rings?

The ring which looks oversized or in a bigger size with some beautiful precious and semi-precious stones at the center and on the sides is the Cocktail rings. These are beautiful jewelry items made in metals like platinum, gold, silver, etc. These are also known to grab attention because of its large size, or style of design, or of the use of semi-precious stones.

The stones which can be used with the cocktail rings can be classified into 2 categories: The stones like diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire are called precious stones, and the stones like tanzanite, aquamarine, topaz, moonstone, tourmaline, sunstone, and many other materials. They look magnificent, amazing, and an attention grabber from all other designs of the rings.

A short history:

The rings became fashionable during the period of the 1920s. These ring became quite lovable as it symbolizes the lavishness and opulent lifestyle. The diamond with the big center stone was one of the popular designs in the late ’20s and are still famous until today. It became unpopular later in the 1960s but again gain popularity in the late 1980s.


cocktail ring


Are there any types or any particular designs for cocktail rings?

There are no particular types as such, but it can be made with some adjustments and customizations as to how you are going to use and for what events the ring is for all these to be taken into consideration. There can be any of the following combinations for making of the cocktail rings like:

  1. Round diamonds with fancy diamonds.
  2. Diamonds and other precious stones.
  3. Diamonds and semi-precious stones like topaz, tourmaline.
  4. Solitaire fancy diamonds.
  5. Can be Rose gold, Yellow gold, White gold, or any other metal.


On which hand to wear the cocktail rings?

Cocktail rings should not be confused with the engagement rings or wedding bands, so it should be worn on the right hand, but this was used to be in the traditional time. Today people wore these kinds of cocktail rings on any finger they like.

These rings are which are generally worn for some special occasions and not daily. However, the cocktail rings can be less comfortable for daily use because of its large size and design. 


Are these Cocktail rings costly?

Generally, the pricing depends on its size, design, and the stones i.e. diamonds, sapphire, emerald, etc. which we are selecting. Like for example, if the ring is with the semi-precious stones then the cost of the ring will be less as compared to the ring with the precious stones. It also depends on the metal you chose, as the platinum prices are more than the silver or gold prices.



Why select these rings?

The simple rings like the solitaire rings, channel rings, etc. are classic and daily wear rings, but these rings are the fashionable, occasional, and attention seeker rings. There are some reasons for selecting the cocktail rings:

  1. Most glamorous, big, bold, fashionable, and eye-catching rings.
  2. Crazy, Colorful rings for independent women.
  3. Attention seeker rings.
  4. Unique design with different stones.
  5. Variety of designs to cope with.


What are the things you should know before you purchase?

Firstly, there are chances where any jeweler provides you with some low-quality stones and taking higher charges from you. This can make your jewelry look inferior after a period. Secondly, there are also chances of the jewelry shown to you and given to you which look the same but can be just gold plated or made of low carat gold.  So, these rings or any jewelry should be purchased from your known jewelers or from some reputed sellers.


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