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Zircon, the Gemstone

firstly, many people confuse Zircon stone with real diamonds. Secondly, some people who don’t have any idea or little clue about these stones available to them. So, let’s discuss the stone in more detail.

what is Zircon? 

What is Zircon?

Zircon, a well-known mineral comes with a variety of colors. Like diamonds, Zircon also comes with brilliant luster and fire with the combination of its hardness which makes one of the desirable stones. Zircon has similar properties to the natural Diamond (as shown above).

The chemical composition for the stone is Zirconium Silicate (ZrSiO4). It remained unscathed under the tremendous heat and pressure of continental shifts and with a 7.5 rate on the Mohs hardness scale which is perfect for everyday use. As the gem produces the reflection of the light twice, the double Refraction known as “BIREFRINGENCE”, which results in amazing brilliance.

Over these years, these stones suffered as a cheaper substitute for diamonds, and the people also confuse it with the Cubic Zirconium (CZ), which altogether is a different man-made diamond substitute.  Zircon has become rare these days. As there are many possibilities of getting the heated stone rather than the natural stone. 



Chemical composition ZrSiO4, zirconium orthosilicate,
Hardness High:7-7.5
low: 6
Degree of transparency Transparent to semitransparent.
Refractive Index Amount of radioactive damage to its crystal structure. Low, more damaged: 1.78 – 1.85; High, least damaged: 1.92 – 2.01.
Birthstone December
Etymology Form from the Arabic word
Color Varieties of colors
Treatment Heat gave to the stone



How many varieties available?

Jacinth or Hyacinth – Transparent reddish-brown or a reddish-orange.

Jargon – Light yellow to colorless stone.

Matura Diamond – They come in the colorless shade.

Starlite – Slightly greenish-blue. The Starlite, these days the stones which are available can be given the heat-treatment.


Are there any useful benefits of the stone?

Yes, they come in the varieties of different color options but the most popular and liked colors are blue, golden brownish, and white. Colorless Zircon comes in a brilliant-cut bringing out most of its sparkles. Can use as a whitening agent on ceramics, pottery, and also in the production of ceramics. Zircon is the traditional birthstone for December. Many people believe in their astrological benefits.


Why are people are interested in wearing the stone?

However, this stone is related to the Rahu, north node of the moon. Rahu represents the luck factor for every success or failure. Rahu can straighten or make changes in one’s power and even convert enemies into a friend. The people whose Rahu sign is Taurus or Libra can wear it. 


Does a person wearing Zircon have any Side Effects?

However, it is believed to show or have no side effects on the wearer. There might be some chances of it contain a tiny amount of radiation, but their presence is so little that there will be no side effects caused in wearing the stone. 


Does have any Astrological benefits?

Yes, this stone which is believed to lead the way to success in a matter of passion, understanding, romance, and enhancement of the beauty. It is believed that Zircon brings success and peace in the married life or in love life. This gemstone is generally preferred by the artist, dancers, etc. as the stone has the ability to attract. Zircon has some benefits on the wearer’s love life, wisdom, and wealth.


What is the method or procedure of wearing Zircon?

However, the stone is worn with a ring of silver. It should be worn in the middle finger on Friday or Saturday at some specific time which you can ask or consult an expert in this particular field.

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