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Does your diamond contain a Fluorescence?

Fluorescence is the term many didn’t know about. According to the experts, there are many different opinions about the term fluorescence. As the fluorescence in the diamond will have a negative effect on the diamond and also on the diamond’s appearance.


Diamond Fluorescence


Let’s understand in detail.

What is the meaning of the term fluorescence?

“Fluorescence is the effect of a diamond to give off light when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) lights.” In simple terms, its presence makes the diamond look dull and milky in normal light. The diamonds with this effect shows blue or violet-blue light when exposed to Ultraviolet light. Under normal lighting conditions, this effect is not visible. A diamond that glows under UV light is known as ‘Fluorescent’.


Does Diamond certification show fluorescence grade?

Yes, the well-known Laboratories like GIA, IDI, etc. will indicate the fluorescent effect in the diamond certification. It will also provide a fluorescence grading in the certificate.


What is the fluorescent grade given by the laboratories?

There are usually five grades which are followed by the many laboratories in the world:

  • None
  • Faint
  • Medium
  • Strong
  • Very Strong

Diamond showing fluorescence grade


How diamonds get the fluorescent effect?

The diamond comes in connection with a certain trace amount of an element that makes a diamond glow under UV light.  As the odds of having these compound elements in a diamond are very high and are absorbed by the diamonds over billions of years.

The elements which are absorbed by the diamond which cause fluorescence to occur are Nitrogen, Aluminum, and Boron.


Does fluorescence affect any of the 4C or diamond polish or symmetry?

No, the fluorescence does not affect any of the 4Cs of diamonds or the Polish or the Symmetry. Fluorescence shows a different color in diamonds when seen under the UV light whereas shows a milky effect when seen in natural or normal lights.


Does the color of a diamond affected by fluorescence?

When diamonds are viewed under a UV light source, they tend to fluoresce as blue or violet-blue. The fluorescence can be a benefit to a diamond that has a yellow shade, as the blue fluorescence will cancel out some of the yellow,  making it appear less yellowish but the diamond will have a dull, murky appearance when compared to a non-fluorescent diamond.


Does fluorescence affect all shapes or just the round shape of a diamond?

Yes, Fluorescence can affect all shape i.e. round, princess, oval, Marquise, etc.


Does fluorescence have an impact on price?

A fluorescence grade with none will have less impact on price than the one having a strong fluorescence. As the color grades from D through H, fluorescence can negatively impact the value of the stone by 3% to 15%. The diamonds with a poor color grade that is from I to K, fluorescence would increase the value by 1% to 3%.


Does buying fluorescence preferable?

If the fluorescence in the particular diamond is from none to faint can be bought. And when the diamond shows strong or very strong fluorescence, our advice for you is to think twice as with the price reduction there will be a reduction in the quality as well. The diamond will appear to be cloudy, reducing its transparency for which you can ask for professional or expert advice.

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