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What it can be: Real or Fake?

Diamond is one of the most desirable stones for everyone in the world and buying a diamond is like a dream for someone. So, the diamond you buy will always be real? How to tell if a diamond is real or fake? What if the real diamond looks the same as a fake one?


how to tell if a diamond is real or fake?


When you buy any kind of diamond or diamond jewelry from any shop, you would like to inspect and know its worth and authenticity whether it is real or fake. As there are many diamond alike stones in the market which has fake counterparts of diamonds that can be mistaken while buying a real diamond.

Different methods used to tell if a diamond is real or fake?

There are various methods where you can tell if a diamond is real or fake before you have purchased or going to purchase. To understand more clearly about the real diamonds, we need to know about the substitutes of the diamonds like the Colorless sapphire, Moissanite, Cubic Zirconia, topaz, and Zircon. Some might have some right value whereas some might be completely worthless. There is some feature in the real diamond which cannot be fake or replaced by the other stone.

So, down below are the methods in which you can try to find the diamond you have is real or the diamond you want to purchase is real or fake. 


1. Sandpaper test:

This is one of our favorite methods which tells us if the diamond real or fake.


The test starts when we take the sandpaper and the stones, one which you think is fake and the one you think is real. The thing you must do is we have to rub both the stones one by one, but on the place where it is not rubbed or scratched before. When you will rub the diamonds, the fake one will destroy the top of it completely with all the scratch marks but if it is a real diamond there will be no marks at all on the diamonds. This way we can say the difference between real and fake diamonds by the use of Sandpaper.

Sandpaper test

2. Newspaper test:

This can be a reading test that also tells us the difference between real and fake stones.


Firstly, we must take a newspaper and the stones which we have our doubts on. The diamonds that can be fake or real should be placed in the newspaper on the letters. Then the next step is you should try to read the words from the diamonds, if you see some words that are visible, it is a fake diamond and if they are not visible it is a real diamond. It is a very simple and easy test which anyone can perform and can try, to find the real diamond.


Newspaper test


3. Fog test:

This is also known as a breathing test. If you have two diamonds, one you think is fake and the other one you think is real. So, you can try to find which of the 2 diamonds are real.


Take the diamonds one by one and try to analyze and find which is a completely fake stone. First, take the diamond you think is fake and try to give warm steam from your mouth on the top of the diamond, if it will be fake it will take more than 4-5 seconds to clear the steam from the diamond. Do the same with the diamond you think is real and analyze the time and you will see the real one, will only take 1-2 seconds to clear the steam from the diamonds. By this method, you can find the diamond is real or Fake.

How to tell if a diamond is real or not?


4. Water test

This test is not that much reliable as there are some stones that are fake but with a similar density to that of a real diamond. So, this test is with the water so named a Water test.


You can try this at home, take the glass with ¾ water in it, and put the diamond in the water, if the diamond sink quickly, it is real and if the diamond is fake it will float, but this test can something even sink the high-quality cubic or moissanite stones. So, in this test, the reliability is a bit questionable.

How to tell if a diamond is real or not?

5. Dot test

This test is very simple and is believed to be useful for knowing the real or fake diamonds.


The Dot test is kind of the same as a newspaper test. As, in this test, you have to put a mark of blue pen dot on the white sheet of a paper. And with the diamonds on which you have a doubt, should put on the blue pen dot. If the diamond we kept on the dot, shows clearly and the same blue pen dot then it is a fake diamond. As from the real diamond, you will not be able to make the blue dot clearly.


How to tell if a diamond is real or not?


6. Magnification test

This test is a bit complicated for the people who have very little knowledge of the diamonds.


You have to get a diamond from which you can compare your diamond and a magnification kit. From the magnification tool, you can see both the diamonds and compare each one. By doing this, you will see what’s the real diamond exactly look like. As the real diamond will have the facets and proper cuts that will not be there in the fake diamonds.




7. Candle/fire test

This test can be costlier for someone. As, the fake diamond which you have purchased by assuming as a real one and if you try to put it on fire, you will be left with nothing.


The real diamonds cannot be broken or destroyed by the fire. This test can be conducted with the help of a candle or lighter, a half glass of water, and the diamond that you think is real or fake. The diamond with the help of a candle or lighter should be burnt under the flames for 30 seconds and then dip into the water. If it is a fake stone, it will crack internally.

How to tell if a diamond is real or not?


8. Personal jeweler

If the diamond which you have for a very long time and you want to know about it then you should contact your personal jeweler. The Jeweler can guide you like no one else can.  They will provide you with all the details about the diamond you want to know about.


how to tell if diamond is real or fake?


9. Laboratories or Institutions:

If the diamond you purchased which is non-certified, and you have a doubt about the real or fake then by getting a proper certification from the best-known laboratories. This can be one of the best options but always try to get it done by your known source or by the personal jeweler or by yourself.
if you want to know more about the certifications, click here.

how to tell if diamond is real or fake?


10. UV test

This is not a very reliable way to find out the real or fake diamonds. But it can help you to narrow your choices from a vast list of fake diamonds. to know more about the Flourescent you can click here.


The diamond which you want to test should be put under the UV lights, as the high probability of fluorescence in the real diamonds. So, the diamond under the fluorescent light which glows and shines like a violet-blue color. If for example, moissanite kept under the UV lights, then the Moissanite diamond will glow in grey or green color.


Diamond Fluorescence



There are many methods that can help you tell if a diamond is real or fake as no single test indicates or gives surety about the real or fake diamond. But a combination of tests will surely provide you with an answer.

Be sure what you are buying and always buy from a known source, but self-checking is very necessary.

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