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Introduction to Diamond illusion setting:

If you don’t have the budget for the large diamond, then you can simply look for a unique diamond setting i.e., an illusion Setting. It’s Popular because of the slogan:

“Less Cash, More Flash.”

What is a diamond illusion setting?

An illusion diamond is a type of jewelry setting that uses an optical illusion to make the diamond appear larger than it actually is. This is achieved by placing a small, clear diamond in the center of the setting, surrounded by a ring of larger i.e., metal (As seen in the below image). The result is a ring or pendant that sparkles brightly and looks much more impressive than it would if only a single diamond was used.

History of diamond illusion setting:

The illusion setting was invented by French Jeweler Oscar Massin, in the year 1850. He wanted to change the setting process which helped him to maximize the diamond size by manipulating the setting used with the metal.

This type of setting was originally called ‘the illusory setting’ and which gain popularity as it was a budget-friendly alternative. It is also known as the MIRACLE setting or TIKLI setting (in Indian Market).

Why go for an illusion setting?

This is one of the unique and creative settings with a budget-friendly and more affordable alternative when compared to the big diamond pieces.

diamond illusion setting

Do these settings save you some money?

Yes, it does help you to save some money indeed. The larger the diamond, the higher will be the prices. This means that a single 1.00 – carat diamond would cost much more than 0.50 – carat diamonds put together with the ring of metal. You will find a huge difference.

Can we buy a diamond illusion setting engagement ring?

The answer is absolute Yes. If you are looking for a diamond ring but you have a budget constraint then this option is for you. It looks perfectly unique, and brilliant and is easy to clean and maintained.

How can we clean Illusion Set Jewelry?

The best way to clean the illusion jewelry is with warm water and mild soap. Provided with a little rubbing soft brush on it.

However don’t buy a diamond illusion setting if:

You wanted or always dreamed of a big or single solitaire diamond then these illusion-setting diamonds are not for you. As it’s made up of crafted metal with a cluster of diamonds.

Which metal to choose from?

Always choose an illusion setting jewelry with gold, not silver. The reason behind this is Silver is not tough enough and does not occasionally wear one.

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