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What are the different diamond shapes called?

Any shape of a gemstone apart from the round shape is termed as the fancy diamond shapes. Example Princess shape, Emerald shape, Pear shape, etc. There are many different shape options in diamonds and each option has its own kinds of features. 

fancy diamond shapes

 Different Diamond Shapes 

1. Round shape or cutround brillant cut- fancy diamond shapes

The Round shape or cut is considered as a classic or regular diamond shape, which we all know by the name of Round diamonds, which is the most loved and purchased diamond shape for jewelry. Round Brilliant cut is the name given to a round diamond that is cut in such a way that light returns in such a way that makes the sparkle maximized and light traveling from all the facets.

arrows and hearts - fancy diamond shapes


2. Princess shape or cut

princess diamond - fancy diamond shapes

Princess shape or cut is square or rectangular brilliant cuts that display exceptional brilliance when cut to certain proportions. This shape is a great choice for persons or individuals who appreciate the qualities of round brilliants but like a square or rectangular shape.

Princess shape - fancy diamond shapes

3. Cushion shape or cut

cushion diamond - fancy diamond shapes

Cushion shape diamonds are the fancy shape diamonds with the square or rectangular cuts with rounded corners and curved sides, a pillow-like shape. The important quality of cushion cut is it hides the color to some extent, like for example if we are choosing the cushion shape diamonds and having a tight budget and you cannot afford a G color stone, then you can even try and go for I color stone, it will show as a white color stone to some extent.  

cushion diamond - fancy diamond shapes

4. Oval shape or cut

oval diamond 

An oval cut or shape is an elliptical brilliant-cut as you can see in the image above. This offers a refreshing or novelty for any person who wants to buck the usual trends. One of the biggest advantages of the oval cut is its faces up which is larger than other diamonds with similar carat sizes, in short, the oval diamond looks bigger than the round shape diamond of the same carat size. The advantage of the oval cut diamonds is quite good at hiding flaws and shade or color due to its brilliant faceting pattern. This shape cannot be judged solely by the photos or images. It’s best to see the stones in person.

oval diamond

5. Marquise shape or cut

for the better understanding ofMarquise diamond

Marquise cut is a boat-shaped brilliant cut with the pointed ends. They are also called as “Navette” a Latin word meaning boat. With its long and slender shape, it has an exceptional appeal that is well-received by people looking or into the fashion industry. One disadvantage, this shape can have a bowtie which cannot be seen by naked eyes, so the person should purchase it from the person who has the proper knowledge of the diamonds.

for the better understanding of Marquise diamond

6. Pear shape or cut

This is a pear shaped diamond

Pear shape diamond cut is the combination of both the modern round brilliant cut and the marquise cut. These shapes are round from one side and tapering point on the other. Pears can elongate the finger when setting in a ring. Pear shapes are often used in pendants and earrings jewelry. The point to understand with the pear-shape diamond there comes the bow tie (as you can see in the image above) the dark part in the diamond, which does not allow the proper light bounce back from the diamond and makes it look a bit dull. You can purchase the following diamonds only with some expert advice. 

This is a pear shaped diamond


7. Heart shape or cut

This is heart shaped diamond

The heart shape symbolizes love, affection, and longer commitments. The heart shape diamonds are very popular these days and loved by the young generations. Heart shape or cut is the most difficult shape to cut, so they tend to be more expensive for the buyers than any other fancy shapes. For the heart shape diamonds, the ideal depth percentage should be between 57 to 65.

This is a heart shaped diamond

8. Emerald shape or cut

This is an emerald diamond

The Emerald shape diamonds with the angled corners and rows, and with the straight linear facets and are usually have a rectangular shape but also comes in a square shape. The Emerald cut is known for its elegance appearance. The inclusions are more clearly visible in the emerald shape than in any other shape. 

This is an emerald diamond


9. Asscher shape or cut

This is a asscher shaped diamond

Asscher shape diamond comes in a square shape with distinct corners. These shape diamonds are a bit similar to emerald shape diamonds. The Asscher has a deep cut and brings more sparkle than the emerald cut. These shape diamonds are not very costly. The optimal length to width should be 0.94 to 1.04. 

This is an asscher diamond

These were some short descriptions for the different types of shapes or cut of the diamonds which are available in the market with the images for a better understanding. These shapes are loved by diamond lovers. Many people love to buy these fancy shapes diamonds as some shapes tend to be cheap than the brilliant round-cut diamonds. 

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