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What is Moissanite?

The very first question comes in mind of every individual about moissanite; what it is, is it comes in natural or lab-made, etc. So, a complete detail about Moissanite.

Moissanite vs diamonds

Moissanite is a gemstone, which was first discovered in 1893 by a French scientist, which is composed of silicone carbide. They are incredibly rare these days but these days the Lab grown moissanite are popular and available at very large.

The real question comes is it same as compared to diamonds? or how much different from diamonds? So, a complete detail in easy and simple terms of the comparison between diamond and moissanite.

Moissanite and Diamond Comparison

Color Comparison

When it comes to the comparison of diamonds and moissanites, every C’s of a diamond is to be taken into consideration. Starting with Color, both looks similar when seen from a particular distance and only with the help of tools, we can distinguish between both of them.

Different laboratories have different grading methods. Like Diamond are graded on a color scale from D to Z and have 5 categories. Similarly, Moissanites are graded in 3 categories:

D to F: colorless

G to I: Near colorless

J to K: Faint shades of colors

The difference we can find between both is when the diamond and moissanite are seen from the normal eye as then, moissanites will project some yellowish or grayish color in the normal light and diamond will show its actual color which is like, if it is white then white, or if yellow then yellow or if brown then brown.

Clarity Comparison

Clarity refers to the imperfections within the gems and internal inclusions of a gemstone. As for diamonds, there is grading system which is been followed by different laboratories for example, VS, SI, etc. are the grades given to a diamond but when it comes to moissanite there is particularly no grading systems. The clarity certificate is generally issued by the manufacturer or its sellers.

The inclusion in Moissanite like Needle, pinpoints can only be seen by magnification glass tools which is generally used by experts or professionals.

Cut Comparison

While mentioning the cuts of any stone Like diamonds, moissanites, etc. Diamond are available in many shapes like pear, Emerald, heart shape, etc. Even Moissanite is available in variety of shapes like round, oval, pear, cushions, etc. The most popular shape for both diamond and moissanite is round cut or shape.

There is reason for the brilliant round cut’s popularity which has explained with example. Like the brilliant round cut offers the greatest brilliance and fire in short this means that the stone will sparkle the most when it is exposed to bright light, which enters into the stone and bounces off its facets in different directions.

Carat Comparison

As we all know the carat is of measurement for a diamond’s weight. There has been a difference in the carat measurement of Moissanite which is weighted 10% approximately less than the diamond.

For example, a 6mm round diamond would weigh 0.84 carat while moissanites weighs 0.74 carat. As, the two stones, one is Moissanite and one is diamond with the same size, but two different carat weights.

So, these were some description about 4C’s and now taking some other factors into consideration for the better comparison.

Durability Comparison

Diamond is the hardest known mineral and receive a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness (shown down below) whereas moissanite scores a 9.25 which is a very good score that makes it also one of the hardest substances on earth available. So, both are very durable and ideal for everyday wear.

Sparkle and fire comparison

When we talk about the sparkling, the moissanite gives off a different type of sparkle. Moissanite shows the better light than the diamonds. Moissanite do create some sparkle but it is not as clear and vibrant as that of diamond, as it will show some yellowish or greyish shade when you see the moissanite in the presence of some light source.


Price Comparison

Pricing which is very much important for everyone. As the pricing goes for diamond and moissanite, the moissanite costs a fraction of what diamond will cost. There is really a huge difference between the price and someone with a tight budget can look for this an option, which saves a lot of money.

Moissanite or Diamond: Which one is better?

Moissanite vs diamonds

The answer can be simple and even cannot be at the same point.

As discussed earlier, If the budget is one of the important constrain, and you don’t want to spend more than Moissanite can be a feasible option but as with some limitations too. The light showing from the them is different, it sometimes shows color differently and most important, somewhere in your heart you know it’s not a diamond.

While purchasing, we should consider the resell value even if it is for diamonds or moissanites. Both loses its value once sold, but the moissanite loses much larger value as compared to that of diamonds.


Engagement ring: Diamonds or Moissanites

There is no comparison between the diamond and moissanite. But moissanite can be a good option when you don’t want to spend your hardcore earn money. They makes a great diamond substitute as they tend to sparkle more and comes in variety of shapes and even in sizes. It can be a good option for an engagement ring.

The option of Moissanite provides more freedom to choose from the vast variety of sizes, shapes, and most importantly the larger diamonds without breaking the pockets for large.


The Mohs Scale of Hardness

Hardness Substance or mineral
>10 Nanocrystalline diamond (hyperdiamond, ultrahard fullerite)
10 Diamond
9.5–10 Boron
9–9.5 Moissanite
9 Tungsten carbide
8.5 Chromium
8 Cubic zirconia
7.5–8 Emerald
7 Quartz
6–7 Silicon
6 Titanium
5.5 Glass
5 Apatite (tooth enamel)
4–4.5 Steel
4 Iron
3.5 Platinum
3 Copper
2.5–3 Gold
2–2.5 Halite (rock salt)
2 Calcium
1.5 Lead
1 Talc
0.5–0.6 Potassium
0.2–0.3 Rubidium

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