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What makes Diamond “Shine” and “Sparkle”?

If there is one word that everyone when they see the diamonds, it’s the “diamond sparkle” feature. The bright and shiny appearance of the diamond is the part that attracts the people in the world. 


diamond sparkling feature

Diamond has been variously described as “Sparkling”, “a Rainbow color shine” or “flashy light”. The sparkle and shine are the unique features of a diamond which attracts the women and make them fell in love with diamonds.

Diamond is one of the hardest minerals as mentioned in the Moh scale of hardness. As it has a 3-dimensional arrangement and is formed when carbon atoms are linked together. So, we will Explain why diamond shine and sparkle, What is the property which makes diamond shine, etc.


Why diamond sparkle from the process of rough to polished?


Diamonds are developed under a very high intense pressure, found very deep in the earth’s crust, billions of years old. As the diamond is formed naturally, each diamond will have some marks on it, known as inclusions. These are the flaws that are created in the diamond’s structure and the fact is most of the diamonds have them.

When a stone is mined, the manufacturer of rough stone will consider it while cutting and turning the rough stone of a diamond into polished stone. There are many factors that are considered by the manufacturer while the cutting process takes place. For example, the number and position of facets to be made, how big the diamond table to be made, etc. All these are very much important for any manufacturer. This will decide the sparkle and shine in a diamond.

If the diamond has more of Flaws or inclusions, which will make the diamond looks less shiny and will degrade the diamond overall quality. So, a manufacturer will care for the inclusions and try to make the diamond shine and sparkle the most.


Diamond sparkling feature


Reasons for the diamond sparkle:


1. Density

when we talk about the density of a diamond, Diamonds have a cubic lattice crystal structure and which makes the light slow down when passes through diamonds. As the light concept tells us that the light travels at the speed of 186,282 miles per second, but because of the diamond density, light slows down and provide a higher level of sparkle.


 2. Diamond Cut

Diamond’s cut has a huge impact on throwing the light’s back or to the next facet of a diamond. Any Brilliant cut diamonds are designed in such a way that they have 57 facets and an ideal cut but not a very shallow or deep cut, for the light to pass perfectly and make the diamond sparkle.

The different cut for the diamond sparkle



3. Diamond Clarity

Diamonds clarity is also one of the important points, as the less inclusion or flaws in diamond which help in the less distorted of light when passes through the diamond. Like, the imperfect diamonds will be less sparkling or shining than the ideal or less perfect one.


4. Diamond Color

The color of a diamond will definitely have an impact on the diamond’s shine and sparkle. The diamonds with less color or are colorless will show more sparkle than the one having shades like yellow or brown.

However, in short, the diamonds with the color tend to have less shine and sparkle than the one which is white or colorless.


5. Jewelry Setting

The jewelry settings are also one of the significant impact on the diamond for their sparkling features. Like the different settings of diamonds with yellow gold or white gold will have a different impact on diamonds.

When we use yellow gold settings, the shade of the color gold will make the diamond’s color look a little dull, whereas when the white gold is used, it can enhance the appearance of sparkle as it has limitations, it only works with colorless, near colorless and white diamonds.

For better understanding for the settings, we are taking rings settings as an example, there are different settings of rings as we know, so in the prong settings or tension settings, the diamond will sparkle the most whereas in the Bezel settings the diamond sparkling will be a little less as the setting blocks some lights. 


6. Diamond shape

Diamonds are cut in a wide range of shapes like oval, pear, marquise, etc. The round cut diamond can maximizes the light interaction with the facets of a diamond. The ideal cut round diamond has 57 facets. This creates stunning brilliance and shows the maximum sparkle than any other shape of the diamond. 


Find the right Sparkling Diamonds:

The sparkly feature in a diamond is due to several factors as listed above. If you want a diamond that maximizes the sparkling feature, then make sure to choose a diamond with the perfect cut, color, shape, and of course taking into consideration the jewelry settings as well.

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