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Rose gold has taken this world by a new level of surprise and style. It shows a different kind of glow on the skin and a new way of showing luxury and comfort. Rose gold is been used in many pieces of jewelry these days for both men and women.

History of Rose Gold:

Carl Faberge first started mixing the yellow gold with the copper alloy to create a pink-toned color, which was first known as “Russian Gold”, later was changed to “Rose Gold.”

In the later years, It became popular and many jewelry were made and became popular and loved by the people. Later again during Second world war – II, it came again into the limelight because of the banning of Platinum metal.

Element to make the Rose gold:

Rose gold gives the pink-toned shade and is also popular by the name of “Pink Gold.” The secret element which is mixed with yellow gold to make the pink color gold is Copper.

Colour of Rose Gold:

The color of the Rose Gold depends on the amount or the ratio of the copper used with the gold in the jewelry, which can appear in a soft pink color or in a deep pink color. Like, If the jewelry you need soft pink color, then the jewelry can be used with Copper, Gold, and Silver. Adding the silver element will highlight the color of copper and gives a soft pink-toned color. There are many options to choose from but the best choice can be from 18 k and 14 k. And there is soft to hard rose gold shades as you can see in the image below.

Rose Gold jewelry

Rose gold jewelry very trending today:

As now we know the composition of the making of the Rose gold, but why it is popular and came into the limelight? In today’s world Rose gold has become the symbol of Vintage style and exclusive fashion trends which makes it more desirable for people. The Rose gold complements the jewelry with fancy shades but reflects a neutral tone with the body.

People see the Rose Gold jewelry with the deep meaning as “a valuable object which will last forever and it will belong to the family for many generations.”


Pros and Cons of Rose Gold jewelry:


  1. Rose gold jewelry provides the vintage appeal with some modern romantic look.
  2. It symbolises the fashion trends.
  3. Its more durable and wearable than the yellow gold or white gold.
  4. It complements the skin tones.
  5. It also helps in enhancement of Gem stone with the jewelry.


  1. It can be allergic to some.
  2. It is only available to limited collections.

Where to buy rose gold jewelry?

When it comes to buying diamonds, it’s important to from which source are we purchasing. Either You can buy it from those who have the proper expertise and make you feel trusted, such as diamond jewelry experts or from the known friend or family members on which you have trusted for many years or from the online websites or applications which are providing the diamond jewelry. Remember this thing, you select whatever source you want but without the basic knowledge about the diamonds, your investment will always be at risk (if you wish to understand more about the diamonds 4C’s and buying tips, you can check out this blog).

My advice for the right person will be the appropriate trainer or professional who is always open to your answers and able to explain things easily and clearly, not in any twisted ways. These kinds of people will work according to your needs, requirement and always provide or guide you with the best suggestions which are beneficial for you.

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