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Introduction to Pie Cut diamonds:

There are a lot of people who desire to wear solitaire in their life but due to its pricing and rare nature, they are not affordable for some. So, there are many different settings of diamond in the jewelry making which makes them look big than their actual size. Settings like Illusion settings, dancing diamond setting, Pie cut Diamonds, etc.

What is Pie cut setting?

The setting where some smaller fancy cut diamonds are carefully cut and matched to shape together to give an illusion of a larger fancy diamond shape. In short, different pieces are cut and joined together to make a diamond look bigger. As shown in the picture down below.

Pie cut diamonds

Advantage of having Pie Cut diamonds

The advantage of this kind of diamonds is that they look much bigger than their suggested weights. These are diamonds for the customers who believe to get a much bigger diamond at a very less price as compared to the original size single diamond. As the customer consider it worth paying for pie cut diamond because of its pricing.

Like for example: if you buy 1 carat of round-shape diamond in pie cut then, for example, you can get it for around 70,000 bucks but when you buy it in single 1 carat round shape diamond, you have to pay more than 3,00,000 bucks.

Disadvantages of having Pie Cut diamonds

There are some disadvantages to these kind of settings like:

  1. If any of the pieces from the pie cut diamond is lost then it is very difficult to find the same size of the piece.
  2. The resale value of the pie cut diamond is very less as compared to the single diamond piece.

Different pie cut diamonds Shapes:

1. Round:

As there are basically 2 options available for the Round shape diamond setting: one with the 4 pieces and the other will be with the 9 pieces. As mentioned in the images down below.

2. Heart shape:

As the heart shape comes in the 3 pieces setup.

Pie cut diamonds

3. Oval and Marquise shape:

The Oval and Marquise shapes comes in the 4 pieces setup.

4. Cushion shape:

The cushion shape has the 2 options:

First with the 4 pieces setup and the other one with the 9 pieces setup.

5. Pear and Princess shape:

Both the shape comes with the 4 pieces setup as shown in the image down below.

6. Star shape:

The Star shape comes in 5 pieces of small diamonds.


This article shows the basic understanding one needed for buying any Pie cut Diamonds.

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