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Nine delightful Colored Diamonds

When we think of diamonds the colors like white, yellow, and brown come in mind but there is more to this. The colored diamond which has changed the way we see and think about the diamonds. Out of a million diamonds, very few are rare in colors like red, blue, pink, etc. 

Diamond comes in all the colors of the spectrum which create radiantly stunning jewelry. A colored diamond from a classic look to an audacious statement has made name for itself as an “eye-catching Diamonds”. If you wish for a sparkling and beautiful diamond, you can have a look as we are discussing the rarest of all the colors of diamonds that are glamorous in their ways.


The canary diamond is the second most common color of the diamonds that are liked by the diamond lovers. The canary Diamond is a yellow-tinted color. Canary diamonds come from a barely tinted color to very deep-tinted color. So, these types of yellow color of diamond versions are mined all over the world, they can be found in places like Australia, Central Africa, Congo, Brazil, etc.



A pink diamond color symbolizes love, tenderness, romance, and charm. The gemologists aren’t clear with the composition of a pink diamond and don’t know how the pink diamond has obtained its color. From the bare shade of pink to the intense tint of pink, these stones add an element of fancy to any kind of jewelry.



Blue colored diamonds are created in nature by the crystalline lattice structure. These are rarest of all in fancy color diamonds. The blue color diamond looks stunning with any kind of jewelry. Due to its rare nature, these are considered to be one of the costlier colored diamonds.


Luxury is the symbol of the red color diamond. Red is another diamond color that is rarely found in nature. “There are very few red colored diamonds which have been discovered to date”, according to the Cape Town Museum. The discovery of the largest red colored diamond was 5.11 carat. 


The purple color diamond is a symbol of Royalty, Honor, Courage, and Strength. People also know the purple-colored diamond by the name of grape diamonds or orchid diamonds. The purple-colored diamond is gaining popularity these days and there has been arisen in the demands of these colors for the engagement rings and wedding sets.


A pure orange diamond comes in the category of rarest color stones that have been found to date. It is very difficult to rank these color stones based on rarity, but many gemologists considered it to be the fourth in the list. And even the clarity of these kinds of diamonds made in nature, not determined yet. 



Champagne diamonds are one of the unique stones with fabulous colors to choose from. A champagne-colored diamond is a type of colored diamond that is naturally brown with a noticeable yellow tint. Champagne diamonds can be found in various parts of the world, including Australia, Africa, etc. So, these kinds of diamonds are cheaper than any other fancy colors.


The Green color diamonds cannot be found easily. These are considered to be a fashionable diamond. For the formation of these kinds of stones, they need radioactive radiation. Green color diamonds have lighter and darker color shades which are very rare in green color diamonds.



The Black color diamonds are real? The answer is YES. Black color diamonds are deeply dark-colored stones that are considered a symbol of uniqueness, and which seem to look different from any piece of jewelry. People find this color of diamond amazingly gorgeous and there will be no sparkling in these colored diamonds.

How the fancy diamonds are graded?

These fancy-colored diamonds are considered as rare and cannot be graded by the D-Z color grading system. These Colored diamonds are graded with the following categories: fancy light, fancy, fancy dark, fancy deep, fancy intense, and vivid.

These fancy color diamonds have a tendency to grab their attention towards them. So, Choose accordingly which one will suit your style and personality the best.

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