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What is a diamond illusion Setting?

diamond illusion setting

Introduction to Diamond illusion setting: If you don’t have the budget for the large diamond, then you can simply look for a unique diamond setting i.e., an illusion Setting. It’s Popular because of the slogan: “Less Cash, More Flash.” What is a diamond illusion setting? An illusion diamond is a type of jewelry setting that […]

Ring size at home?

Finger Ring Size measuring and Conversion chart: Yes, we can determine the ring size at home! There is some Procedure and a table down below that will help you easily determine your ring size. You can measure the ring size at home by yourself or you can ask your jeweler to take the measurement of […]

Pieces of jewelry: In the collection

Classic pieces of Jewelry that Every woman must have in her collection: Every woman looks incomplete without the addition of diamonds and every wardrobe must have these 5 pieces of jewelry, which last for a lifetime. The pieces of jewelry are full of sentimental values and memories. We are getting new unique designs and styles […]