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What are the Birthstones?


“What birthstone am I?” The birthstones are basically gemstones that correlate with the birth month. Like, for every month there is a respective birthstone. Month Birthstones January Garnet February Amethyst March Aquamarine April Diamond May Emerald June Pearl & Alexandrite July Ruby August Peridot September Sapphire October Tourmaline November Topaz December Turquoise A quick detail […]

Semi-Precious Stones: Quick Introduction

semi-precious stones.

As the list of Semi-precious stone goes on and on. Some common names are Garnet, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite, Peridot, Opal, Topaz, Citrine, zircon, Tanzanite, etc. There is no scientific reason for the separation of semi-precious and precious stones. For example, Mineral beryl provides the varieties of both Emerald and Aquamarine, where Emerald is […]